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If you are really tired of never reaching your ideal weight and body shaping goals, no matter how much effort you make, it’s time to do something different, starting today!

These little known facts about reducing weight, creating muscle will help you get the body you really want. You’ve waited long enough. Travelling® is the answer you have been looking for.

Learn more about the most effective and efficient way to your ideal body using the most complete system you can buy.

With this system, you can avoid hiring a personal trainer or joining another weight loss program and get all the learning you need in just hours.

Travelling® is an all-inclusive system that provides all the formulas and tools you need to create the body you want. The Travelling® System is number one for convenience. You can learn all you need to know with e-learning 24/7 at any location where you have access to the internet, a PC, laptop or tablet.

Travelling® is designed to teach you what you need to know so you can make decisive choices, a success plan, and take action to create the body you desire. Key and exclusive to the program are our easy to remember formulas for applying the learning so you always know what to do.

Travelling® is for you; whether you want to reduce your body fat, increase your muscle or both. The Travelling® system covers all the key material you will need so you can pick and choose the formulas and techniques that match your goal.

Put us to the test – here’s a sample of what makes the Travelling® System exceptional.






Wondering where the ‘before and after photos’ are?

Travelling® is about learning for lifestyle change and every experience is unique to each individual. Knowledge cannot be demonstrated with photos.

As an adult with some life experience, you know the true value and importance of time and money and weight loss and body shaping attempts have been taking up way too much of your attention, time and money.

When you just can’t fit another thing in to your week, you don’t need another weekly commitment, additional expectations and pressure. We are for real – you can change your body in less than 5 minutes a day and, really, that’s all the time it should take.

Once you have completed the Travelling® program, you will know exactly what to do – forever. No more relying on gym memberships, meal programs and personal trainers unless you want to. You can do what you want, on your own terms, to create the body you want; in less than 5 minutes a day if you choose.

Our ‘No workout Way’ is ideal if you have easy access to a home gym, are planning to get one or have one at your work place; it is the best way to maximise the efficiency of this method of body shaping. At last, you can dust off your home gym equipment and really make it work for you.

Unique to Travelling® is our focus on 2 key areas – Energy Management and Your Thoughts. These are the foundation of the system; The Your Thoughts section is contributed by our expert, Linda Rowley.

Included in Travelling® is your Personal Action Plan, your unique, custom made plan for success. Complete the plan using our interactive tool and generate your copy.  With this in your back pocket you stay in control always.

When you have completed your Personal Action Plan and started your Travelling® journey we know you will want access to ongoing support and information to support you in reaching your goal. You will have automatic access to 1:1 email support with your Personal Action Plan and receive our regular newsletter.

For a one off payment the complete Travelling® System delivers you exclusive access for six months to:

  • Approx 4.5 hours of high quality learning material in high definition video format to launch your learning for lifestyle change.
  • The Worksheets and tools you need to get you ready for your Travelling® journey.
  • Your customised Personal Action Plan to propel you toward success.

    You’ll also receive, at no extra charge:

  • A 20 minute Strategic Visioning exercise to help embed and fuel your success mindset (value $97.00)
  • Instructions for our unique training aid that will dramatically improve your high intensity Travelling® results (value $80.00)
  • The recipe and ‘how to’ for our home bake For Goodness Cake.  Our delicious and nutritious fibre-rich cake that will become your best Energy Management friend. The dollar value of this inclusion alone is incalculable – you’ll see what we mean


The knowledge and power you will receive will be worth many times the price, saving you money and time in the long run.

Here’s an example:

Invest in yourself with the Travelling® System. Learn all you need to change your life for yourself for ever


Employ a Personal Trainer for 1 hour a week for 6 months to train and motivate you – $1560+. What will you learn? How will you sustain any results and your motivation?

For about the same price as your daily coffee order for 6 months, you will learn about

The safest, easiest and most comfortable way of Travelling® to reduce body fat – so simple and adaptable that anyone can do it if they choose, and;

The most innovative and efficient technique for body shaping available today. Realise the true value of a muscle creation method that is over and done with in less than five minutes a day by trying it yourself – you will never go back to traditional routines.

Your personal triggers and motivators and how to master them for accomplishment in everything you do.

The Travelling® System offers extraordinary value at $1195

Why leave your best body to chance? Learn it once, know it always; reap the benefit of always knowing what to do create and keep the body you want. You’ve imagined how good it will feel to look and feel great and it’s your time to make that a reality.

Your transformation will start as soon as you purchase so if you’re thinking, ‘Maybe I should’ then please do!

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