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Losing weight is like trying to clap with one hand tied behind your back.

What is it about driving a truck for a living that might lead to Truckies in the U.S. being listed among those most needing to lose body fat?*

Think about it.

Faced with the prospect of sitting all day, in one position, in a cramped work place, you can imagine that you might have to eat like a sparrow to manage your energy intake well. Unlike an office based worker, the Truckie doesn’t have a photocopier to walk to, so getting your energy expenditure up could be very difficult.

Imagine too, the long hours watching the road roll out in front of you; a welcome distraction might be a regular snack to keep it interesting or a slap up meal when you finally get a break.

Being a Truckie and trying to lose weight might be like trying to clap with one hand tied behind your back.

Good body composition, with the right balance of lean muscle mass and body fat, is about managing energy expenditure and energy consumption in the correct balance and ensuring you stimulate your muscles to grow.

Even a truck driver can make some changes to positively impact their body fat levels. We know this from the many exercise and diet tips there are available from trucking associations and truck manufacturers. Those are not the point of this article.

In terms of occupations that might make managing body fat levels and body composition difficult, Truckies have it pretty tough. The point is that most people are not Truckies. In my view, a lot of us have many opportunities per day to maximise or increase energy expenditure and we have access to the things we need to make food choices that will match our energy requirements.

I think that people who want to change their body composition; that is burn fat and build muscle, can be grateful for the chance to take the stairs instead of the lift, walk the kids to school rather than drive, or get out of bed half an hour earlier to prepare a great lunch.

I think they can be grateful for the free exercise stations in the park, the very reasonably priced home gyms on the market, or the advent of 24 hour access fitness clubs.

I hear you saying, ‘Ah yes, if it was that simple wouldn’t everyone just have the body they desire?’

Well, Yes, and, No.

Yes, because managing your energy expenditure and stimulating your muscles to grow is not, I repeat not, rocket science. Once you learn all you need to know about energy consumption and energy expenditure you are well on the way to achieving your goal; whatever that might be.

No, because what is so often missing is the part of the puzzle that addresses motivation and sustaining effort.

Why do you want to lose your body fat; what is your real goal and motivation for getting there? Is it a short term fix or is lifelong change the target?

Until you develop a strong understanding of your motivation to lose weight, direct your thoughts toward the positive and take steps to plan for the good and rainy days, you will go on riding the diet and weight loss merry go round. This is what is missing in one size fits all products.

My message?

If you only address half the issues related to creating the body you want you will only ever get half the results – a bit like trying to clap with one hand tied behind your back.



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