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Body Busyness, was created by Kevin Dunnell who, over decades of experience and application has developed a unique attitude to the traditional approaches to diet, weight loss and muscle creation. Body Busyness was formed as an alternative to the usual players in the fitness and weight loss industries.

Kevin’s talent to see better and more effective ways of doing things led him to create Travelling®, a remarkable and entire system designed to empower individuals to decide their own body composition destiny.

Kevin’s message is refreshingly simple – with the right knowledge, you can control the way your body is made up and have it the way you want it, for now, and for the rest of your life. Having the body you want is easy and totally do-able for everyone, with learning for lifestyle change.

To learn more about Kevin’s story access our free report on this page.

Here’s more about what we do at Body Busyness

Do you know how busy people are time poor and don’t have valuable time to spend hours in the gym or exercising to change their body?

What we do at Body Busyness is teach people how to create a healthy, good looking body with a method  that takes less than 5 minutes a day using our unique Travelling ® system; it offers maximum time efficiency and effectiveness.

Do you know how sometimes you just want to know how to do something; to get the full story so that you can feel in control? Many people feel this way about how to get the body they want.

What we do at Body Busyness is teach people how to create the body they want, packaging the learning in easy to follow videos so that people can really understand how to do it. We lay it all out, providing simple formulas that can be remembered for everyday use and offer additional resources and learning. By learning our Travelling® system people can gain total clarity and it lasts a lifetime.

Do you know how people feel like they are always on a diet, a quest to get the body they strive for but never actually get there; repeating the same patterns and having to start over and over again?

What we do at Body Busyness is teach people that by using our Travelling® system they can learn how to overcome negative thoughts and harness their key motivators to create and keep the healthy, good looking body they strive for. By learning and using a coach to help, people can break free from the weight loss /weight gain cycle.

Do you know how people feel they can’t get enough free time to commit to an exercise or weight loss program because they are too busy to go to the gym, meeting or a class?

What we do at Body Busyness is offer our Travelling® system online which means it is available 24/7 so that people can learn what to do when ever, where ever and at their own pace.

Do you know how people think that they have no choice about how well they age and feel like a slave to the ageing process?

What we do at Body Busyness is help people to understand what happens to the body, showing that they can fight back and manage the so called natural ageing process.

Do you know how you want to be sure that the service you get is from an expert who practices what they teach?

What we do at Body Busyness is use our own system and demonstrate the benefits.

At Body Busyness, we don’t just walk the talk; we live it, every day.


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